WebEx Network Recording Player

WebEx Network Recording Player 31.23

Accesses, shares, and downloads WebEx videos
Watch seminars and special messages sent by email or available on the dedicated sites in the WebEx native formats by opening them in the special player with recording capabilities. The files are accessible by importing URL links in the selected web browser.

If you receive an email with a link to a WebEx recording, just click on the link to watch it. There's no player required. Or if you've downloaded a file, get the WebEx Player (file types are .ARF or .WRF) for your operating system.

Sharing is easy. You can post a link anywhere and your visitors can view the WebEx. Want to edit? Download the file and convert it to WMV and edit like any video. There are two types of WebEx recording files ARF and WRF. Choose the right player for your recording.

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